For industry-leading education Indexed Annuities, Indexed UL,  Living Benefits, and so much more, look no further than Equis Advanced.  Led by Equis Financial’s Senior Vice President of Advanced Markets Pete Lee and Vice President of Advanced Markets Bill Martin 2.0, Equis Advanced is designed to provide you with the training needed to provide your clients safe savings and protection solutions.  Decades of industry experience make Pete and Bill uniquely qualified to educate both you AND your clients on the invaluable nature of smart, considered financial planning. Simplify your sales approach…with Equis Advanced.




The wisdom, knowledge and guidance of Pete Lee and Bill Martin 2.0 is only found within one company, Equis Financial. Clients long-term goals will always come first and are served like family when led by this team.

Brandon Clarke - Life Protection Specialist

Pete Lee and Bill Martin 2.0 are the go to guys when it comes to IUL and Fixed Annuities! Their knowledge and experience allow them to help Equis agents help more people than ever! I don’t know where Equis would be without them.

Peter Poon - Life Protection Specialist

Pete & Bill provide the tools for agents to be Extremely profitable beyond the initial in home sale.
Equis Advanced teaches how to gain a client (not a 1 time customer) all the while protecting families from all forms of financial hardship.

David Begley - Life Protection Specialist

Bill & Pete have lots of combine knowledge and are the best of the best in the industry!

Ramon Frias - Life Protection Specialist