• The success of our agents is, and always will be, our chief concern. The one thing that stands in the way of most salespeople’s’ success is finding people who want and need their product. At Equis Financial we have eliminated that problem with our exclusive lead program.

  • Everyone wants to ensure that their family is protected and provided for, no matter what happens. At Equis Financial, we have partnered with the top life insurance companies to provide our agents with a comprehensive portfolio of Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Living Benefits, and Indexed Universal Life insurance products. With these products, our agents are able to offer competitive rates at any level of coverage, and are able to build and maintain a diverse book of business.

  • At Equis we believe in providing our agents with the best service possible. Our home office support staff tirelessly assists agents with any and all aspects of their career; from new business to leads to training, we are here to help. Chat in with our staff at anytime with the simple click of a button on our dedicated CRM platform or call in to our Agent Concierge Hotline allowing our agents to call and speak to an experienced field agent at any time of day, whether they are preparing for an appointment or sitting in front of a client.

  • Equis Financial is dedicated to be the driving force of progressive technology in our industry today.  Every update and feature is carefully crafted by our web developers to provide the agent with everything they need to succeed, and even some things they didn’t know they needed!  Have a question, comment, concern, or idea for new Equis tech? Any agent can provide their thoughts through a dedicated Feedback tab on their Agent Dashboard. It is of the utmost importance to Equis that every agent has their voice heard in an effort to build a better company, culture, and agent experience.

  • The success of our agents is measured by the strength of our training platform.  With that in mind, The Agent’s Company has built, and continues to refine, what we sincerely believe to be the greatest educational platform in the insurance industry.  All agents have immediate access to our groundbreaking Training Center platform, tailored exclusively by certified trainers and experienced field agents.  This extensive training database includes online training videos, recorded conference calls, educational webinars, podcasts, online training courses, training documents, and more!  


    On your Agent Dashboard you’ll find 2 icons that hold a wealth of vital information, Carrier Resources and Agent Resources.  Carrier Resources features in-depth breakdowns of each and every carrier partnered with Equis Financial, including their entire product line available through Equis.  Filter by Carrier or Product Type to find the information you need to close the sale and download an application directly from the resource tab. Where Carrier Resources provides a comprehensive compendium of our carrier’s offerings, Agent Resources is filled to the brim with invaluable insight on our incentive programs, lead types, promotion and bonus guidelines, and information on the many different assets available to you at The Agent’s Company.





Such a wonderful place to work. Technology is top notch, training is phenomenal and the support is even better than that! Our leaders care about us and take the time out of their schedules to make sure we know that. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Mandy Miller-Galarza - Sales Manager

After being with another organization, I can tell you that with the support, training, higher commissions and leadership is a breath of fresh air. We have significantly increased our income and enjoy the positive comradery with our colleagues.

Miki Baldwin-Hutchinson - Life Protection Specialist

Out of pure determination (and perhaps a bit of desperation) we discovered Equis. After just a short two months of working part time I was able to quit my full time job. I now work way less hours and make a greater income and an INCONCEIVABLE amount of opportunity to grow! A simple review can’t put the Equis opportunity into perspective. But I hope this short testimony can allow you to see how quickly things can change for you if you just make the decision to make whatever it is you’re searching for to happen. It’s time to stop reading the reviews and join the team. Your future is here.

Matthew Weiner - Sales Manager

Incredible leadership! Hands down The Agent’s Company! The Executive Team has a passion for every agent, as well as the consumer!

Timothy Herbert - Life Protection Specialist

Amazing leadership, training, insurance company partnerships and company culture! Top-notch motivation and training from the company leaders create an environment to succeed! Equis is truly “The Agents Company.”

Brandon Clarke - Sales Manager

They have a great training and great products to offer. I am very happy to be apart of this company.

Toney Williams - Life Protection Specialist

I am thankful for the opportunity to work for Equis Financial! Being here for eight months now, I have had the opportunity to meet with the owners and leadership of this company and in that, saw the heart of Equis Financial! A truly ethical company that has the well being of each and every person connected to the company, agents as well as clients! Thank you Barry Clarkson, Bill Martin, and Rob Jones for having the vision of something great, and seeing it come into fruition!

John Dowdy - Life Protection Specialist

I am planning on starting soon part time but am so scared! Because what I am currently doing now is like sales and I suck at it! The whole pushing and persuading people…can anyone give me insight on how it is on a normal day out on the job? Maybe can encourage me and ease my mind a little. I am so excited and hopeful of this because of all the good reviews I have read and so badly wanting to be home more with my baby and become my own boss with better income.

Brittany Colson - Life Protection Specialist


  • Yes. Many of our most successful agents started part-time while they kept their 9-5 job, before transitioning into a full-time career with Equis.  Head to our Videos section to view some of these very success stories!

  • On average, our full-time agents purchase 10-15 leads per week, but do keep in mind that your success is not dependent on leads.

  • Yes. Other than the bonuses paid by Equis, our agents make their living from commissions paid by our various insurance companies.

  • Brand new agents start on a 70% contract with 75% commission advance. If that agent issues 4 sales per week, with the company average of about $1,000 annual premium and takes 10 leads per week, they will end up with a net commission of $1,690 per week. We have many part-time agents who work a couple days a week and earn an extra $1,000 – $2,000 to supplement their current income.

  • No. And we are proud of that! At Equis we are in the business of selling insurance. We view our agents as partners and want our agents to reach their full sales potential in a professional atmosphere. That is why we do not have any membership fees, special club fees, contract promotion fees, or training university fees.

  • Yes. The Insurance industry is highly regulated. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to write business.

  • Yes and no. You can do all your state required pre-licensing studying online with ExamFX. We have partnered with ExamFX to provide our agents with a heavily discounted rate. To register for your licensing course, contact our office for your discount code. You will be required to take your license exam at a state approved facility. ExamFX will help you locate the testing facility nearest you.

  • Absolutely. Every 2 months agents are eligible to receive contract raises depending on production. Individual agents at Equis can earn top contracts that are normally only given to agency managers. Agency managers have the ability to earn contracts that surpass the industry standard.

  • Yes. The Equis Platform is designed to help facilitate growth and assist our agents in building their own agencies.  Our leaders and training platform feature education designed to help train and support agents who would like to build an agency of any size.

  • Lead cost depends on the type of lead, the age of the lead, and contract level of the agent. For a new agent leads can cost from $42.50 down to $0.50!  Leads are here to help facilitate your business but are in no way required for success at The Agent’s Company!  Many of our top agents have found their success without the use of any leads at all.